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WiimoteController 0.1 Alpha for Android

This i a pretty neat hack to get an external bluetooth controller for an Android device. It doesn’t seem to use the gsensor, but as a controller it’s still nice. Take a look at this vid:

It’s going to be a paid app apparently so for now it’s limited to 30 minutes of use at a time. Here’s the XDA thread and download link.

Device/OS pairs that this app is reported working on:

  • Google Nexus One/CyanogenMod 5.0.6 (my dev system)
  • Google Nexus One/CyanogenMod
  • Google Nexus One/Stock Android 2.1
  • Motorola Milestone/Stock Android 2.0.1

Device/OS pairs that this app probably does not work on:

  • Google Nexus One/MoDaCo Alpha r21 Custom ROM Desire Port
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