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Copy Paste: What’s The Big Friggin’ Deal?

I just posted an awesome comment in David K’s thread about WP7’s copy/pasting limitations and guess what, I’mma copy paste it right here because I got really emotional and want some answers:

Man oh man the copy and paste battle never ends.

David K, if you’ll indulge me, imagine going back in time a few decades and you see your younger self and your mission, as per the agreement you made with the time travel machine dealer, is to tell your youthful, innocent unradiated self about the concept of a smart cell phone. Now picture yourself pulling out a gun, aiming it at your younger self’s head, giving him a pen and paper (or your phone I suppose) and tell yourself, “Write down every single feature you want The Future to deliver you two decades from now. Be specific and I won’t blow our brain out, even though that would be interesting in terms of learning more about time travel paradoxes.”

Porn would be on the list, unless you figure that goes without saying. Would copy paste be on the list? Of course not. Unless I suppose you went on and on about how Windows is so great and Office is so great and the two together yada yada.. Who the hell cares? There has been more written about copy and pasting on phones of all platforms relative to the actual demand to use it and volume of its use than there has been with anything else, including Netflix and Flash. Yes I know more people talk about Flash but many of those people actually use or want to use it, whereas… ahh you see where I’m going with this — what’s the big deal for Pete’s sake is what I’m trying to say. What are we reading and who do we need to tell about it verbatim on our phones that it’s made for such a damn contentious debate.

That’s not a rhetorical question. Could someone explain why this is such a torrid incendiary issue? Maybe I’ll just copy paste this comment into an article post with my ANDROID PHONE! 😛 😛

Doug Simmons

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