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Hacker Evolution Duality mobile edition Available for Windows Phones

The popular series Hacker Evolution now has a mobile version available for Windows Phones.

Play the role of a computer hacker in Hacker Evolution Duality, mobile edition. Combining elements of action, strategy and puzzles this game is guaranteed to challenge you. Try and hack as many computers as possible in a global network, using various methods and strategies.

Bounce your connection through several servers or use viruses to achieve your objective.

As you advance through the game, you will learn that careful planning and complex strategies are needed to stay in the game for as long as possible, and increase your score. You can submit your score to the online ranking system and see where you stand, among other players.


– Amazing music and sound effects make the game feel real.

– Dynamic difficulty algorithm that constantly adjusts the game for you.

It’s just $1 and you can download it here. There’s no trial mode but if you know the genre I think you know what to expect.