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Cubicle Golf for iOS released from Plow Digital

If you are looking for a way to pass the time at work whether you are cubicle dweller or not, check out Cubicle Golf from Plow Digital for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. 18 Holes of “familiar locations” around your office will challenge your aim and timing. There is also some fun commentary as you play the game. $1.99 is all Cubicle Golf will set you back from iTunes/AppStore or downloading it directly from you device. Here’s more:


Poke Fun at Workspace Culture with Cubicle Golf for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from Plow Digital

Make work stink less with Plow Digital’s latest iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch charming arcade golf game.

Plow Digital feels the pain of office workers everywhere – mind-numbing meetings, pointless banter, repetitive tasks, airless offices and idiot bosses. If another day at the office takes another little piece of your heart, Cubicle Golf for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is just the cure. With engaging graphics, amusing characters and true life gaming situations, Cubicle Golf is a funny sports game that uses the familiar conventions of mini-golf and invites players to leaven their work life with humor.

Play 18 holes in familiar locations all around the office. The challenging course tests any players’ timing and aim. Use co-worker’s characteristics – familiar in any office – to push them closer to the pins. Choose from a driver, an iron, a putter and a secret weapon — an unlockable club awarded for superior gameplay. Avoid the boss, Mr. Hazard, and work on lowering the Cubicle Golf handicap.

Cubicle Golf puts a premium on fun. Learn to play quickly and easily. Enjoy the witty commentary at each hole. Track overall scores and scores for each hole. Workers might not be able to control their office, but they can control their Cubicle Golf game.

Cubicle Golf is available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and can be purchased from Apple’s App Store. Find out more about the game online at