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Cyan Lumia 900 is more beautiful

I went to local AT&T store to check the Lumia 900. The store is little crowded and normally on Friday evenings you don’t see that much traffic there. Lot of people are coming to see the Lumia that are displayed. Nokia did a good job it seems by giving away Lumia to Reps and trained them. I asked the rep there and she said lot of people are enquiring about Lumia and she said very few people are asking about Samsung Note and iPhone 4S these days. I got my turn to look at the Lumia and feel it in person. Nokia Cyan Lumia 900I checked both Cyan and Black Lumia 900 and the phones are smooth and clear black AMOLED display is really good and lively. The size is 4.3” smaller than my Titan but I felt both are of similar weight. I give credit to HTC because they made the phone lighter even though it is bigger than Lumia. 

One thing I found very interesting and different from most of the smartphones is screen is little raised (fraction of millimeter) than the enclosure. You could feel this separation in both colors, cyan and black. I saw something similar in HTC Titan and Vivid and few more.Nokia Black Lumia 900

I liked the cyan one over the black one, even though I personally prefer black phones  or white in the case of iPhone, but here I liked the cyan phone over black. And our David K also likes the cyan Lumia 900. There are two reasons. The black enclosure is not rich black  and looks light colored before display of the same phone. And the cyan seemed more suitable with the black display. I think the contrast choice of colors is pretty neat combination in the case of cyan phone. The phone enclosure seems like a tube with contoured edges, but they are sharp and provide a very good grip. All these days I felt iPhone shell quality is superior over most of the phones available in the US except few of the Samsung phones, even those Samsung phones feel plastic. I really think iPhone enclosure quality is inferior to Nokia Lumia 900 phone.

I might buy a full priced one because my upgrade is not up until July.