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Damn! Samsung Nexus S Hummingbird Cranked Up to 1.5GHz

firedroidI hope I’m not blowing up his spot but XDA’s morphic and simms22 have produced a 1.5GHz Nexus S kernel, an otherwise very fast 1GHz phone which is just fine at the stock speed but damnit we gotta paste excessively large screenshots of our Quadrant tests in the threads. If 1.5GHz sounds too white hot to you, unless you’re running CM, check out their better tested official (?) 1.4GHz kernel. Yes these kernels scale and you’re better off not using SetCPU. Either way you’ll get some benchmarks to write home about.

It’s compatible with CyanogenMOD 7  though I strongly (see what I did there with the boldface?) recommend Team Whiskey’s Bionix NS1 rom which packs a pretty sturdy 1.4GHz kernel they made which I’ve been using for a week or two quite happily, though you are free to flash this 1.5GHz kernel on top of it which I’ve been using for a good twenty minutes without a single reboot.

For the benchmarking fanatics this will bring you north of 4000 on Quadrant and you’ll hold your own on Smartbench and whatever the hell you kids are using these days. Well done gents.

Doug Simmons