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Damnit Google, Again?

I moved my folks to Google Docs, which was a lot easier to do thanks to the Chrome extension Gmail Attachments to Drive which, when you get an email with an attachment, adds a handy Save to Drive link. Not sure why Gmail doesn’t have that on its own, it’s great. You click it, it’s in your Google Drive, simple. Anyway, so my mom calls me, panicked, needs to get a document someone emailed her into Google Docs to edit. “Just click on Save to Drive, Mom!” “It says 404 something, what does that mean?” Hmm.. Well, let’s see what the developer says:

Regarding the 404 error you may be receiving: It looks like Google has officially shut down the "service" this extension used to save attachments without having to tie into an API of any sort.  I’m currently exploring options to setup an API so that you guys can continue to save your attachments to Google Drive.  Thanks for all your patience!

Facepalm.jpg, right? Sigh…