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Deal for You: Humble Bundle with Android 7

I got another great and what I think is just an awesome deal for you.. In case you missed it, a couple days ago the new Humble Bundle launched and this type is one of my favorites, it’s got everything, Android and PC games. In it right now technically you’ll find 10 games and six soundtracks or albums, but to get all of them you’ll need to beat the average of $6.15 as of this posting. That’s not all though, if you beat the average you’ll also get some mystery games that will be unlocked next week, less than the price of a cup of coffee some places you can get a ton of stuff.


I said this is one of my favorite types, and let me explain why to you. First you get the games for Android, which is great for me and other Android users. You’ll also get Steam keys for the games, but you also get DRM free versions of the games as well! So really you’re getting triple the things, at least that’s how I look at it. I put the Android games on my phone and tablet and then I use the Steam keys with my Steam account, but then I give the DRM free games to my kids, so we all make out with this deal and then there’s even more coming next week. For everything you get, I don’t know why you wouldn’t get it really?!

The games are Worms Reloaded which is for PC, then Worms 2: Armageddon which is for Android.

Then you’ll get The Bard’s Tale which includes the original trilogy or three games right there and then the new remake.

Then there’s Ticket to Ride and it comes with the 1910 USA DLC, so that’s really two more games I guess.

The last three are Greed Corp, Incredipede and Anodyne.

Yes it it’s not really 10 games, but I counted The Bard’s Tale Trilogy as three games, which they are really…

Granted all of the games I won’t play, I will try them all, but I can see I won’t like them all, but that’s just how it works with these things. I tried Ticket to Ride and it’s just not my type of game at all, but y’know everyone likes different things and from what I understand it’s a very popular game.

I owned The Bard’s Tale already, I think I paid $4.99 or $5.99 when it first came out, so right there the Humble Bundle is well worth the price or $6.15.

I just had to get The Bard’s Tale, I can remember spending many hours on my Commodore 64 playing the original games, when I saw it was out again I just had to get it for nostalgia sake but also because I wanted to see the play the remake. The Bard’s Tale is huge for an Android game, it’s 1.7gb and I think they did a hell of a job on it.


Here’s the list again for you as of now:

Worms Reloaded for PC
Worms 2: Armageddon for Android
-With soundtrack

The Bard’s Tale
-The Original Trilogy
-The Remake
-With Soundtrack

Ticket to Ride
-DLC Ticket to Ride 1910 USA
–with Soundtrack

Greed Corp
-with soundtrack


-with official soundtrack
–with remix album

More games coming soon to be unlocked next week!

Link here :

Go get it.. it’s well worth it..



Side note:

They also just launched a new Humble Bundle Weekly sale with five games if you pay $6 or more… see that one here: