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Dell Smartphone Rumors Again, We Miss You Axim

How we love to reminisce.  The Dell Axim was my first PDA and what ultimately hooked me on mobile gadgets. Short of a phone however, the Dell Axim is still a very powerful handheld device running a 624 MHz processor, beautiful VGA Screen, and Windows Mobile. But that was yesterday, so what has Dell done for us lately? Well, if rumors are correct, Dell is soon to be landing a Smartphone into their lineup.  Even though Michael Dell himself has not dismissed the notion of another handheld device in the Dell Lineup, we are not holding our breath.

So what can we expect if this rumor holds true? According to Engadget who were at the CES show scouting out the Dell Adamo Event, all the Dell (Dudes) were either sporting G1’s or the Nokia E71. So is a Nokia S60 or an Android Phone being developed at Dell? No one really knows at this point, but the Dell rumors do tend to generate a lot of interest. Let’s hope this rumor holds true and Dell returns to Handheld Mobile Devices.

Photo via Engadget as well. It was too cool to pass up! Nice Job!

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