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Dell Streak 4G 7 inch tablet sooner than later February 2nd

T-Mobile subscribers who are anxiously awaiting the first Android 4G Tablet have little more than 2 weeks left to go. Dell is looking to drop it’s 4G Streak 7 inch goodness as soon as February 2nd if the leaked internal document pictured is right. Even though T-Mobile fans might be more inclined to wait for the LG Dual Core Hot Rod coming soon, T-Mobile Tablet seekers can still take advantage of the Dell 7 inch Streak running Froyo. T-Mobile is also looking to discontinue the Samsung Galaxy Tab at the end of January and jump on the Carly led 4G Band Wagon with some newer Tablets starting with Dell. So wait for Honeycomb, or go with Froyo on the Dell? Either way, you will have some 4G speed at your disposal.


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