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Dell Streak integrating into Health Care Solutions

As early as this fall keep your eyes open the next time you visit your Doctor. It might be that he or she is sporting a Dell Streak! Dell has announced today that they are going to be integrating the Dell Streak as well as other Mobile Handsets into the Health Care Industry. The Dell Streak, a 5 inch Tablet (I still call it a large sized phone) makes an excellent companion for the Doctor or Nurse that needs to access medical or patient information real time as they see their patients.  Dell is quoted as saying:

“With the Streak integrated into our solution portfolio, we are making electronic patient information accessible to physicians and clinicians in a form factor that is easy for them to use. In the future, we will extend the accessibility of medical information throughout the healthcare ecosystem with the introduction of additional mobility offerings,” said Jamie Coffin, vice president of Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences.

I have seen a few Doctors that have adopted mobile technology into their practice but by enlarge the majority have not. The devices they are using currently are very large and bulky and look incredibly expensive. Perhaps streamlining some basic tasks for the Nurses that pull the charts and deal more with the records side of Health Care with less expensive mobile devices like the Streak would help lower costs and improve productivity.

Even though I am a little skeptical about Doctors relying too much on Technology for applying Medical Treatments, I think integrating Mobile Solutions into Health Care will help drive future development of the platforms and also perhaps lower costs? I won’t hold my breath, but innovations realized out of the Health Care system will surely make their way to retail consumers of mobile devices. And that is something I really want to see!