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HTC Struggles To Secure Parts For HTC One

We already know that launch dates for the HTC One has been pushed back due to a struggle to secure vital components for their flagship. In particular the focus has been on the difficulty securing camera parts that their UltraPixel technology relies on. The Wall Street Journal reports that in addition to the camera parts the metal casing is also proving to be a pain to get adequate stock of.

The surprising thing that came out of the WSJ report is that suppliers have dropped HTC from their Tier 1 category of customers and so other orders are getting priority over HTC’s orders. Apparently the cutting of orders throughout 2012 when the One X and other smartphones released by HTC didn’t meet sales expectations have made the suppliers skeptical of prioritizing HTC’s large orders for fear of a repeat.

Unfortunately HTC is suffering from an inadequate supply-chain like many others in the mobile industry. I hope the situation gets resolved sooner than later because the HTC One is a valiant attempt at righting the good ship HTC.

Source: The Verge via Wall Street Journal

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