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Dell Streak Previewed On YouTube And Coming To AT&T

Kevin Andrew from the Dell Streak Development Team did a quick video that has popped up on YouTube putting a few myths to rest about the US Launch. Even though we all hoped for Froyo, the Dell Streak will indeed be launched with Eclair, or Android 2.1. Android 2.2 will come sometime after launch. Kevin also confirms that the device will not be compatible with T-Mobiles 3G Network which means AT&T users will have some very good news soon! BGR is reporting that the Streak will come to AT&T for $299 Subsidized or $549 out the door contract free. The Streak will also launch in Black (Carbon) only and we can expect to see the Cherry Red Flavor after launch as well. There has been some reports that Dell had posted some updated web pages that said the Streak would be available in 24hrs but they were immediately pulled from their site.

Bring it on Dell!