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Asphalt 7 Now Available On Windows Phone 8

Asphalt 7 Heat 

Yesterday Microsoft’s Windows Phone twitter account tweeted that one of the most popular mobile racing games would arrive on the platform today and asked their followers to try and guess which one it would be. I guessed Asphalt 7 while our editor Doug Smith guessed Real Racing. Turns out I was right as a short while ago Michael Stroh took to the Windows Phone blog to make it official. It kind of made sense seeing as how it was supposed to be available either at launch or shortly after and it was one of those games BlackBerry fans had been using as anecdotal evidence that developer support was better for BlackBerry than WIndows Phone. I recently wrote an article listing Asphalt 7 as part of Gameloft’s promised lineup for Windows Phone 8. For you mobile racing fans I hope you enjoy this one. You can get it here ($.99) from the Windows Phone Store.

Asphalt 7 Heat is a completely revamped multiplayer that lets you race up to 5 of your friends locally or online. Take control of 60 of the word’s most elite driving machines from car makers including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and the legendary DeLorean. Then choose your track: There are 15 exquisitely detailed options in real locations around the world—now including Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami, and Rio.

[Note]The game has just been published to the Windows Phone Store so it might take a few hours to show up so if you don’t see it immediately be patient and it should show up for everyone by the end of the day.



Source: Windows Phone Blog