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Don’t Fry the Frog Hops onto the App Store Today for Free

Here’s a freebie game for you iOS users with an interesting name. The game is called Don’t Fry the Frog where the idea is to use electricity to zap bad flies without electrocuting your frog or the good flies. It’s a multi-touch game and you use two fingers to create an electrical arc between them to do the frying.


Dont Fry the Frog features:
• Multi-touch – A unique control scheme lets players easily grow or shrink their beam to reach the flies. Keep contact with the screen for an increased point multiplier.
• Special Flies – 5 different types of flies must be zapped or avoided, depending on their attributes and how they affect Frog.
• Visit Zeke’s Hopshop – Earn fly pennies to spend in the Hopshop, unlocking new fly abilities and beams, as well as tools for Frog.
• Level-Up Leaps – Max out the leap level at 30 by zapping through all of the in-game challenges, earning fly pennies and new environments for Frog.
• Zap a High Score – Facebook and Twitter integration to notify friends when their high scores are leapfrogged.

Download Dont Fry the Frog today on the App Store by following this link –!/id498175623?ls=1&mt=8