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Winterface 2.0 Released

We gave you a sneak peak at Winterface 2.0 about a week ago and we’re glad to have received news that it’s now available for public release. Here’s the brief feature log:

  • 10 news skins
  • Changeable background
  • Customizable headings
  • Improved functionality
  • Finger-Friendly
  • Attractive interface
  • Comprehensive shortcuts

    I was very impressed with the version I had for testing which was extremely fast and smooth and their final release comes with even a few more features and bug fixes as well. It’s very easy to customize as well so you can set it up the way you like it. Their website has a demo version that you can download and test out. If you’re using a Fuze/Touch Pro you should try it for compatibility as on some devices it does not install properly.

    Here’s the complete text of their press release with additional features noted:

    VITO Technology releases new version of Winterface. Now you may customize the look of your phone to your personal needs: change skins (10 new skins are available), background color or picture, headings for the icons and much more. Change the face of your device together with your mood!
    NEW SKINS. Some time ago we had a contest "Give a new face to Winterface". Thanks to this we got lots of skins made by our users for Winterface. Now we’re glad to announce the official support of the skins that we received during the contest. And all of our users now can choose the skins they liked here, download and install the cab file.
    CHANGEABLE BACKGROUND. It is possible either to change background color in Casino and Tile skins or to change the whole background picture.
    CUSTOMIZABLE HEADINGS. You may now either remove or add icon headings. Besides you can change them. Thus you may name apps on your device the way you like.
    IMPROVED FUNCTIONALITY. The dots in the bottom are clickable now so you can be immediately put to the screen you want to. When opening the running apps you may not only close applications one by one but also close all running apps at once. The battery charge is now seen like a %. If you have any VITO software ( the icons in Winterface will stylistically coincide with the skin you choose.
    BUG FIXES. The lock screen of Winterface won’t interfere anymore while you’re speaking over the phone. If your device is switched on with a password Winterface will allow you to enter it. Calendar widget now shows the appointment for all future events as well as repeated appointments. The locked Winterface can’t be anymore closed by the "v" gesture.

    Winterface is available for $19.95 at