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Don’t sell your HTC HD2 just yet, WP7 still might be Possible!

Microsoft was real quick to put the kibosh on Windows Phone 7 coming as an update to the HTC HD2 when the HD2 was released. There was a lot of people who thought that it would be ported and there was nothing to worry about. It has been quite a while since then and there has not been a lot of news on the subject until today. CotullaCode via Twitter has released a video of the HTC HD2 booting WP7 which has given me hope again that my beloved HD2 might still have some life left in after all. Microsoft is having their big WP7 announcement party this Monday, but we all know that the initial release of WP7 here in the US will not have the large 4.3 HD2 Screen. The HD7 running WP7 will instead launch in Europe first. After toting around my HD2 for so long, it will be difficult to go back to a sub 4 inch screen again, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed for Cotulla bring this to life.


[via: pocketnow]

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