So, Windows 8 is unintuitive and too complex for you to handle. Forget about the Geek Squad. Just ask Julian for some help.


And for those of you who don’t know when Windows 8 will be unleashed to the world, this from the Asus website.

Not too much longer to wait.


  1. So, I’m thinking about jumping in with both feet and I was going to pre-order Windows 8 Pro from Amazon for $69 (includes a $30 Amazon credit for a future purchase).

    Can anyone confirm for me that this is a simple upgrade? I really don’t want to go down the path of having to reformat and rebuild my PC if I don’t have to. I’m hoping I can insert and install over what’s there.

    Let me know. I’m going from Win 7 Ultimate to Win 8 Pro.



    • Yes, just upgrade and choose to keep your programs, files and data. If you have ATI Catalyst Manager or something like that you may have to reinstal it, other than that all major apps will be intact and you don’t lose your data. I upgraded my HP Pavillion from Windows 7 Home Premium to 8 Pro RTM, no issues. All my programs including AutoCAD, Office 2010, VS2010 with WP development, PhotoShop, etc. are intact.

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