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Walmart wants to deliver into your home

“I like going to Walmart” said no one ever. Funny as that may seem perhaps Walmart realizes that 30 checkout lanes with 2 of them open genuinely pisses people off and they wold rather be anywhere else but there. So Walmart, thinking out side the box, or in this case, right inside your home has announced a new partnership test with August Security Systems. It seems that August, the makers of home security locks and cameras would give a Walmart employee a one time pass code to enter your house and deliver the products you order. After selecting the service you would be notified that Walmart has entered your house and you would even be able to watch the delivery person via a in home wireless camera system. (creepy)

Walmart claims people are busy than ever and don’t have time to go to Walmart (open up more check out lanes and maybe they would) and that this home delivery service would fit the lifestyles of many people. The Walmart delivery person would even open up your refrigerator and stock the cold and frozen products you purchased. NOTE: They would never be the same after looking in my refrigerator. There would have to be a disclaimer for any emotional or physical distress.

Check out the video below for the Walmart’s plans to save you time and money (no impulse purchases?) by delivering right into your home.