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Dropbox for Windows Mobile is here

The popular Dropbox service finally shows its face on windows mobile. The Service is brought to use through Ruttensoft’s CloudFiles app. Although it is not a first party app as seen on other smartphone platforms, this app is fully functional and easy on the eyes!

The application is currently still in the beta stage; even as a beta it is still very stable and full featured. All the features you would expect from a Dropbox app are represented here.

The Official feature list includes:

  • Browse through your Dropbox Files and Folders
  • Create/Delete/Move/Copy Folders
  • Delete/Move/Copy Files
  • See properties of a file (Name, Folder, Size & Last modified)
  • Upload a new file
  • Upload a whole folder (!)
  • Download a file
  • Download a whole folder (!)
  • Create a new Text note using the builtin text editor
  • Edit text-files within the application, it will directly be saved to your Dropbox account
  • Edit all other file types in your favorite Windows Mobile App, afterwards reupload it to your Dropbox account with one click!
  • Share your files by sending a link per Email
  • ==> All files using a 30-day-expiration link
  • ==> Move/Copy a file to the public folder and then share it with one click
  • Share your files by sending the file as Email Attachment (Downloading it to the device first)
  • Create folder favorites to quickly browse to them
  • See your Dropbox Account informations (Username, ID, Space used/Free)
  • Lots of file type’s are skinned in the list
  • Autorotation of the app (if supported)
  • Landscape & Portrait-Support
  • All Touch Screen Devices supported from WM 6.0+, might work on WM 5.0 too.
  • Shoot & Upload pictures with one click (!). It will be stored with continuous numbers (SomeName001, SomeName002) directly in your gallery!
  • support for short share links (using your own
  • And lots more

I have tested the app on both my AT&T Tilt 2 and my T-Mobile HD2 and am happy to report it runs well on either phone. File downloaded surprisingly quicker than expected on both 3G networks.

Its great to see the good folks over at Ruttensoft on the job, we were starting to feel a little left out on all the Dropbox love. You can find more details and a download link over at Make sure you grab it while you can, the beta is only open until the 15th of this month.