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Dual Boot WM and Android Coming Tomorrow!

Wow Yozgatg has done some fancy work in the past but this has to lead to infamy. What is it?

I wanted to have an app so we could easily boot into both WM & Android, and Gen.Y DualBOOT was the solution. This release is made for VGA devices, and supports both booting from Internal Storage (moviNAND, e.g. Touch Diamond) & Storage Card (SDMemory, e.g. Touch Pro). WVGA version is planned. This app has been tested on WM6.1, but will work perfectly on WM6.5.x as well.

The application will be released tomorrow. So why post on it tonight? Cause you should read this thread tonight so that tomorrow night you’re ready for it!:) Oh and I want to apologize for the WVGA readers out there that just got excited…this release is VGA at this time BUT he states that WVGA is planned.

Reminder that the latest release of Android for the Touch Pro/Fuze is discussed here.