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Tour De France All Access App will keep you up to speed

I have been a long time fan of the Tour De France for a long time. Even though I am a mountain biker, not a road racer, I still find the strategy, endurance, and team work amazing to watch. Besides, who doesn’t get cracked up by Bob Roll right? If you are a fan too and you are sporting your smartphone either an iPhone, iPad or Android, you can keep up with the Tour and get some really cool information about the riders as well as the course for each stage. I watch the pre race every day and I always for get when to expect the Sprint part of each stage and where the climbs are, with this app you can not only see the Sprint start, but it gives you the hill categories as well. With almost 200 riders, I sometimes forget who they are and this is a handy little app while watching the race.

– Short-Form Video on Demand Clips
– Stage Results
– Overall Standings
– Rider Profiles by Country and Team
– Stage Maps, Elevation Profiles and Stage Descriptions
– Top Stories and Interviews
– Official Tour de France Photos
– TDF Twitter Stream
– Ability to track your Favorite Riders on the Interactive Map and Standings sections

The best part is that it is free from the fine folks at NBC. So head on over to the App Store or the Marketplace and keep up with the 2011 Tour De France!

Spoiler if you missed it from this morning and you have it recorded to watch for tonight. Cavendish just took his 17th Stage win and is inching closer to US Tour Legend Lance Armstrong who has 22 Stage Wins. Of Course Lance has those 7 in a row Tour victories to claim too.