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Dual Core AT&T HTC One X vs Quad Core Tegra 3 One X

att-htc-one-x-processor-testIf you have been waiting for the powerhouse HTC One X that launched on AT&T then you might have also been grumbling some under breath that it did not come with the NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad Core processor. Yeah, you wanted to be the big dawg on the block with more cores than your friends but as it turns out, you might not have lost as much as you think. Danny Winget just went down to his local AT&T store and did 3 benchmark tests on his own Tegra 3 version HTC One X and that of the AT&T version sporting a S4 Dual Core Snapdragon Chip.

He starts off with a Quadrant Standard test where the Quad Core did in fact beat the Dual Core AT&T version. The S4 version had a score of 4794 and the Tegra 3 version had 4988. The second benchmark test he runs is a Linpack Multithread where the S4 beats the Quad Core Tegra 3 with times around .79-.82 where the Tegra 3 had 1.28. The last test was NENAMARK 2 and again the AT&T version S4 Dual Core beat the Tegra 3  Quad Core with a 57.9FPS to a Tegra 3 48.2 FPS!

So don’t be too upset that the US got hosed on the Quad Core in the HTC One X variant. It looks like the Snapdragon Dual Core is a lot more than meets the eye. So you may not have bragging rights about having the first Quad Core but what you do have is some great power under the processor hood.

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