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Duddle – Prize-winning multiplayer turn and skill based connected game Available for WP7

I see lots of potential here. It’s like Pictionary with your friends and it’s free.

Prize-winning multiplayer turn and skill based connected game. You get a word and 30 seconds to draw it. Your duudle is then pushed to your opponents and is replayed exactly as your drew it. Your opponents shall guess the word as fast as possible. The faster they guess right the more points both they and you get. Then it’s the next players turn to draw and you guess. Duudle is turn based meaning you can play whenever you like. You get a notification when it’s your turn, simply action when you want it! Getting started is easy. Signup with your Facebook account and all your friends that play Duudle will show up instantly. Or simply sign up with your email address. Challenge your friends, family or colleagues. Or, if you can’t get enough action, play as many random games as you like. Duudle games are turn based and can be played over a long period of time (or short) by players anywhere. Players have up to 72 hours to complete their turn. But beware; it’s fun and addictive. See your drawing and guessing skills improve. You’ll become smarter too. Go get it now – it’s free!

Video action? Sure:

This won a Nokia Hackathon and is slated to make its way to Android and iOS in the future. Awesome and free and available right now here.