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Eight Reasons Nokia Lumia 920 Worth The Wait

920 front 01Well now that we’ve seen what Apple has to offer and no grand revelation took place its fair to say that what Nokia is bringing to the table with the Lumia 920 is worth the wait. For a full year Nokia had been pointing to the release of Windows Phone 8 as the point when their research and development and design acumen would start to show itself. Earlier this month Nokia took to New York City to debut the Lumia 920. Leaks had been made leading up to the announcement but the hardware still managed to pleasantly surprise everyone (demo pics/vid scandal notwithstanding).

Here are my favorite eight reasons (in no particular order) the retail launch of the Lumia 920 will prove worth the wait.

  • Wireless Charging-Many times I come home after a long day of being on location at a photo shoot or video shoot and toss just sit my phone down without thinking about plugging it up to charge. Having a wireless charger I can put right when I come in will get me in the habit of charging my phone without thinking about it. Basically it’s the modern day equivalent of sitting a home cordless phone on the charger. Whats going to be even sweeter is having a cool JBL speaker with NFC and Wireless Charging I can sit my Lumia 920 on.

920-product-hero-3-jpg920 wireless charging


  • Which brings us to NFC-Being able to share information with my tablet, other phones (not just windows phone but Android too), and smart devices without having to involve cords will be awesome. The ability to utilize Windows Phone 8’s Wallet Hub and pay for items at retail establishments will be sweet too. Sure it might be until next spring to really start seeing adoption and utilization speed up but I’ll be equipped when the time comes. For those who will be purchasing the iPhone 5 or even 4S and get locked in to a 2 year agreement between now and then that will suck hard seeing friends do things their phones simply can’t. Paying at the pump, at McDonald’s and many other retailers will be sweet and quick. No more fumbling around for my wallet.


  • 32GB of Internal Storage-Both my current and previous windows phones have had 16GB of space. I usually end up having between 2 GB and 4 GB of open storage available. I’m a media creator and have two young daughters who are my favorite entertainers so taking pictures and video is a daily activity. Sure I back up the photos and videos to the desktop through Zune but as a lot of my time is spent on the road or out in the field I like to have them on the phone to glance at their pictures in my down time. I’m a former DJ and my wife is a choreographer and dancer so there is a premium on the ability to carry around thousands of songs. I haven’t been able to keep much music because the videos have been taking up a lot of space. With the extra 16 GB that the Lumia 920 is packing I can designate a good 16 GB  of storage to music. Thanks Nokia for listening to users and bringing a healthy amount of storage on board.
  • Lock Screen Notifications-Having the ability to have my most important apps leave an indication that I have messages waiting for me will be awesome. There are times where I hear my phone give some kind of audio notification but can’t make it to the phone in time and end up having no indication of what the notification came from. In my case I have a short list of apps I have authorized to push toast notifications so I know where to check. The lock screen notifications is an elegant, non-obtrusive way of solving that problem.

Nokia  Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 Official Photo Album1

  • Nokia’s “Where?” Platform-City Lens, Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps & Nokia Transport make up what is arguably the most thorough and advanced location and mapping platform in the mobile space. The vast majority of vehicles utilize Nokia’s mapping data. Free turn-by-turn directions, indoor mapping advances, augmented reality point of interest discover and tight integration between the apps leads me to anticipate diving right in and swimming in all the Nokia goodness. The apps have been getting improved quickly and nothing indicates that’s going to change anytime soon. Nokia has put the emphasis on being THE where company. ‘Nuff said.


  • The Bold & Beautiful hardware-Have you seen the award winning Lumia design? Well the Lumia 920 takes the best of the Lumia 800 & 900 and adds a spice of its own iconic design to create the elegant flagship we see in the Lumia 920. I can’t make up my mind between the bold, striking red or the understated but alluring gray. My heart tells me to be bold and rock the red. There are other colors (black, white & canary yellow) but there is something about that red that just screams-show me off!

920 color family

  • The Camera-Nokia is bringing what they term their PureView camera tech to the Lumia 920. Not to be confused with the PureView 808, Nokia calls their camera tech that produces the best possible pictures PureView. As a photographer having a solid performer with me at all times will be hugely important. The pure joy I’m going to get this holiday season showing my wife and her iPhone 5 up will be worth every cent I spend on the Lumia 920. In case I forgot to mention it, I’m buying the Lumia 920 unlocked so I’ll be paying full retail price. Yes that is how much I’m looking forward to this phone. When you add in all the cool tech they gained from the acquisition of Scalado like SmartShoot and GroupShot and fun times are ahead.


  • WP8 On Lumia 920-When Microsoft finishes putting on the finishing touches to Windows Phone 8 and pairs it with the hardware and software innovations Nokia has made in the Lumia 920 I truly feel there won’t be a better experience in the smartphone industry. WP8’s voice command improvements for apps and Nokia’s push to utilize advanced near-field communications and you have the makings of some powerful and sweet usage. The Start Screen is begging to be customized and filled with beautiful and powerful live tiles of all sizes. The improved app connect feature and other features revealed during the June preview has me all excited. The fact that it’ll be operating on leading edge hardware makes it all the better.

Nokia  Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 Official Photo Album3

Well there you have it. My many reasons why the wait for the Nokia Lumia 920 this fall will be worth it. I’m sure many of these might sound silly to some of you but for me these are essential and more than enough to make me one happy Windows Phone user and advocate. Now that the iPhone 5 big reveal ended up being a dud are you more secure in your love for the Lumia 920?