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Elbert Perez Garnering 2m WP7 Ad Impression Per Month

Elbert Perez, who Microsoft has named “the dean of Windows Phone indie game developers” is now seeing a staggering 2 million ad impressions per month. This is an aggregate of all 9 of his games, most of which you’ve probably played already, and all of which we’ve mentioned on this site. They are:

  • Blackboard Gems
  • Fishing Girl
  • Impossible Shoota
  • Nom Nom Worm
  • Quadra
  • Scribble Defense+
  • Steam Castle
  • Traffic Cop
  • Zombidemix+

This is why he’s capable of making a six figure salary off of his games. If you’re wondering if those figures have gone up or down, there’s no answer yet as he needs to get reporting from Microsoft as well. But his games cover almost 300,000 downloads. Very impressive dean. Keep up the good work.