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Elite Series ROM for HTC Diamond Updated

Elite July ROM ReleaseThis past July, popular Diamond chef 2 Bunny made a long awaited update to his ever popular Elite ROM series. Updates had been coming rather slowly as the last release had been Spring Break of 2011 and Thanksgiving of 2010. This time, 2 Bunny has made some significant upgrades and fixes in this version of Elite to make it the most complete version ever. The ROM thread tells the story of the ROM’s humble beginnings when 2 Bunny simply could not find a ROM he could depend on and how after asking around a few threads, he found his way to the Diamond OMJ kitchen, and later a special modified version of the Calkulin kitchen that he found by chance on Mediafire. From there, he spent many painstaking hours monitoring countless registry changes in Kheb and fixing them with Agent Ransack. Unlike other chefs, 2 Bunny still talks in the thread and updates the ROM as needed, even after others have “quit” the Diamond ROM development scene. Even to this day, Elite remains a community favorite and is even touted by one PPCGeeker as, “better than Energy Rom”.

If you’re still on the CDMA HTC Diamond and want an excellent Light alternative to the stock ROM, 2 Bunny’s “Elite” may be for you. Head on over to the thread over at PPCGeeks.