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Take control of your Xbox with your Windows Phone

Earlier today Microsoft announced that Xbox would now allow you to watch TV directly though your Xbox. So now you can not only game, watch Netflix, but watch TV all form the comforts of your Xbox. What’s also just as cool is that you know can control your Xbox from your Windows Phone device as well! With the Xbox Companion App, you will now be able to find content on your Xbox and have instant access to LIVE Marketplace with a catalog of games, movies, music, and TV Shows. For example if you are watching a movie on your Xbox, you can now access the movies content details through your Windows Phone by touching the movie tile which then opens up the Xbox Companion App. Get information about the movie, cast details by just swiping. You can also control the movie playback from your device just as you would from a remote control. Just as fast and just as easy.

The Xbox Companion App is not available yet, but still coming soon. We’ll keep you posted when the release date is.Check out the 1 minute mark of the following video for the Windows Phone Xbox Companion App in action!