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Ever wonder how they get to the top of a 1700ft Broadcast Tower?

I will warn you now that this is not for the faint of heart. It made me a nervous wreck just watching it. But as a frequent airplane traveler, I always noticed the incredibly tall towers and the lights at the very top of them. I have always taken for granted that someone had to get to the top of them and perform maintenance and thought there would be a safe method for doing so. Well, as it turns out, there really isn’t. This video outlines how the workers get to the top of the highest transmission towers to perform maintenance or repairs. As I said, if you are scared of heights, this will give you nightmares for weeks, but like me, I bet you will watch it anyway.

It starts with one incredible 1600 foot elevator ride and then climbing without a safety harness for the remainder of the length to the top. The worker is also required to tow along a 30 pound bag of tools (gotta fix it with something right?) via a 30 foot rope hanging down from him. The video also indicates that this is OSHA approved! I just wonder how this job escapes OSHA’s attention when they are real serious about things like safety glasses and spilled water signs.

[via BGR]