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How much data do you use a month?

With the popularity of smartphones and staying connected, there are so many people getting their first device that a common first question is, how much data plan do I need? Cruising the internet, checking the weather, emails, Facebook, games, and so many apps that it is hard to tell right? A new twist on the data plan selection process is carriers now offering Shared Data plans. Moving away from unlimited data plans and throttling those of us who have been grandfathered in, data plans going forward will have to be very carefully selected.

So, how much data do you use? How much more data plan do you need? has created a tool that will help those just starting out with smartphones judge how much data they need, and unlimited data plan subscribers like me find out how many more emails, music, video, photos, and game play I need to punish the AT&T Network! (That is before I get throttled)

Simply enter a few key pieces of information regarding your phone habits, and the data calculator will estimate your monthly usage! Click on the link below to find out what your habit is for free:

After playing around with it, I figure I chew up about 1-2gb a month which is real close to my AT&T monthly results. Increasing my audio streaming that I don’t do enough of with me Slacker Premium account, I can kick it up to 7gb a month with 2 hours a day and my normal other usage. I can ramp up to over 14gb a month if I watch 4 movies a week on my Netflix account. Of course, if you are not a subscriber to paid streaming services like I am, there are TONS of ad supported services available as well. You should find it incredibly easy to chew up data on your smartphone if you so desire.

Thanks Megan!