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Featured App: Fantasia Painter

imageAfter watching the video of Fantasia Painter I had to share it with you. It lets you paint on your phone using your finger and also lets you edit existing photos similarly. It’s really the ease of use and the tools that sets this apart though and let you really enjoy it. Here’s the devs description:

Unlike other painting tools Fantasia painter contains 12 unique and innovative brushes (such as Fur, Rainbow or Makeup) that adapt to your painting style, speed, direction of painting and even nearby colors to make even simple strokes look professional.
When using Fantasia Painter you can spend less time wondering "how do I paint this?" and more time expressing yourself and having fun.
Brush overview:
Eye color/shadow/makeup – Easily apply eye shadow, change eye color, or tint parts of the image.
Fur and Furball – Create cute furry animals, furry flowers or interesting effects by adding fur to existing photos or paintings.
Sketch – Create realistically looking pencil-on-paper sketches, with far less strokes compared to real pencil (remember to change background to white-yellowish color.)
Rainbow – Create beautiful organic color transitions to add life to your paintings.
Twisted Squares – Fun to play with when bored.
Paint, Pen, Eraser – The "good old" paint brushes 🙂
Remove/Keep Color – make parts of the image colored or gray
Paint with one finger. Zoom and pan with two fingers for better control when painting smaller details.
All paintings are saved with phone wallpaper size and can be used as a wallpaper for your phone.
Once you’re done, save your painting to your phone or share with your friends on Facebook.

So you know, it’s just $.99 and has a free trial that lets you do everything except save and share pics. Here’s a quick overview to show you the app in action

And this one is a little more detailed:

You can find it in Marketplace or just click this link which will open Zune/Marketplace directly to the app.