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Featured App: Most Wanted



Want to help track down the top ten most wanted, or flesh out the most wanted terrorists or maybe just help find some missing kids. Then you need Most Wanted, a FREE app in the Zune Marketplace. The app is pretty straight forward, providing a short summary of each fugitive/missing kid. along with their photo. On each detail page you can click a link to go directly to the FBI page for the specific individual or you can “Submit a Tip” which take you to a page that allows you to select FBI offices by State, and in some cases regions within a State.

For Jacksonville, FL, I was provided with links for; directions to the FBI office in Jacksonville, link to the Jacksonville FBI website, direct phone number link and email link. Forgive me if I don’t have any more details, but I was not about to click any further as I didn’t really have any information on Husyan Al-Umari and did not want to get on any watch list. Actually, I may have already gone too far. Oh well. BTW, Mr. Bin Laden managed to make both lists, Top Ten and Most Wanted Terrorists. I am sure he and his family are very proud.

There is a button on the main screen that takes you to something labeled FBI 2.0, with links for Twitter, YouTube & Facebook. Not sure, but I assume these are FBI feeds that you join or view. The Missing Kids page has 38 entries and not sure what criteria they use for listing. The app is supplied by NICUSA, Inc., who are the leading provider of outsourced eGovernment portals. The information comes directly from the FBI. So if you want to do your part to help the World, download the app and study the info. Who knows, somebody might get lucky.



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