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Smartphones Weekly Roundup


This week we have some interesting news, games and of course, one big fat iPhone… sorry, iPad.

The Mobile Spoon:
This week the Spoon got a little depressed with at least 5 features the new iPad misses. Lucky there are plenty of jokes to cheer everybody up
And while Apple made all the noise, we found that WinMo 6.5.3 was quietly released

We spent some time over at JAMM covering and sharing our thoughts, both positive and negative on the upcoming iPad.  We also shared some interesting reviews on Resco’s Photo Manager 7 for Windows Mobile and a brilliant little utility that toggles bluetooth on and discoverable at the same time.


This week Windows Mobile gained a little friend – Android, and now we can dual boot some devices to run either WM or Android. We also witnessed the forums at XDA open their doors to a few new friends in the form of WM devices that are not made by HTC.


We have some amazing game reviews for this week. For racing fans we put 3 games
1) Snow Rally City Stage
2) Asphalt 4: Elite Racing HD
3) Ferrari GT: Evolution HD
up for review for puzzle fans we have Peggles Mobile and  SpinBalls. We haven’t forgotten about hack n slash fans and so for you we have Prince of Persia.

For Apple fans out there, the iPad was introduced with a revolutionary data plan and a high bar set for mobile productivity. For non-Apple users who still can’t decide between Android and Windows Mobile, even with the dual-booting hack broken by Mobility Digest, there’s now a Max Sense UI theme that combines the best of both world. If that still doesn’t rock your world, stay tuned for Mobile World Congress where we’ll be hearing more Windows Mobile 7, with some possibly high end specs.

The Smartphones Council:
The Mobile Spoon
– JAMM – Just Another Mobile Monday

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