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First Significant Battle Ensues: Twitter Title Up For Grabs


For those of us who tweet as part of a daily routine having an enjoyable Twitter presence on Windows Phone 7 is pretty important.  One of those apps that when missing just irritates you to no end.  Fear not, both Seesmic and the official Twitter app for Windows Phone 7 are already in the Marketplace for you to enjoy.  The following is Cnet’s take on the battle for the Best Twitter Client title as things stand right now.  As with all things mobile things can and almost always do change rapidly.

Official Twitter App

Pros: There’s a good amount of settings and customization options, including switching among Twitter photo services and swapping between black and white themes.  All the basic needs are taken care of and it fits right in with the Metro UI of the Windows Phone 7.

Cons: Switch profiles could be easier for multiple account-holders, and we weren’t able to post to multiple profiles.

Seesmic App

Pros: Pros of Seesmic’s Windows Phone app include composing to multiple accounts and replying to all users mentioned in a tweet, and triggering the on-board camera to add a photo (Twitter only goes into the library). It also includes an automatic link shortener, which will be great when Windows Phone 7 gets copy/paste.

Cons: It falters in the lack of notifications, and doesn’t include automatic update options in the settings. Seesmic can handle replies, but is inelegant when it comes to direct messages. In addition, the Settings choices were thin, and we received a fair number of failure and error notices.

Overall Impressions:

Both clients offer a good experience for the user.  The Official Twitter app right now takes the title because of ease of use and all important basic features are present.  Power users will definitely like the Seesmic App for the enhanced profile management and photo features it includes.  Either way take a look at the full review at the link below,

Cnet’s Windows Phone 7 Twitter Showdown