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Fitbit Surge Coming Next Year for $250

Fitbit has a range of other products but if you have been looking for a high end fitness watch then you will have to wait a little longer for Fitbit to release the Surge. Priced slightly higher than the Basis watch, the Surge will also have optical heart rate monitoring that will sync back to their own app. The Surge has a 3 axis gyroscope and accelerometer, Altimeter, Digital Compass, Ambient Light Sensor and built in vibration motor.

The surge has a Lithium-polymer batter that after 1-2 hours of charging should last you  5 days. Bluetooth 4.0 will connect you to 120 other smart phones, computers and tablets.

  • See progress: View your progress and analyze your trends with easy-to-read charts and graphs
  • Record workouts: Log workouts, track run and hike stats, map routes & see a monthly exercise calendar
  • Share & compete: Invite friends and family to share stats, send cheers and taunts, and compete on the leader board.
  • Log food: Log food fast with a barcode scanner, calorie estimator, meal shortcuts & expanded food database
  • Earn badges: Get goal progress notifications & celebrate fitness milestones with badges

The main press that Fitbit has been getting today has to do with not being able to sync with Apple’s new “Apple Watch” coming out next year. Even though I am all on board getting a fitness watch to help me keep track of my activities, food, exercise and heart rate, not syncing to existing software is an issue. I personally use Nike Running App since it was included on the iPhone. I have years worth of data stored in it and the idea of losing all that history bothers me. Making a fresh start with a new app that may or may not have a long life is problem.

You can check out more on the Fitbit Surge at their website and the other products they offer.