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Travel Light with the CardNinja!

When I first saw this I was kind of like meh, but then I thought about it a bit more and checked it out and thought it might be rather useful, for the right person anyway. Me personally I can’t go without my wallet, I’ve got medical cards for me and the kids, id, credit cards etc, and I just have to have my wallet because the CardNinja wouldn’t work for me. The CardNinja though can work for other without so much stuff. It’s an accessory that should work with most phones, it just sticks to the back of your phone and let’s you carry your ID, credit card and maybe some money  for when you need to travel light. I think it’s kind of neat, and they’re offering 25% off on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

This holiday season CardNinja allows consumers to toss their wallets and streamline what they carry for only $17.99. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday only, CardNinja is offering an additional 25% off of all purchases, as well as free shipping on orders of 2 or more.

CardNinja combines the wallet and phone with an ultra-slim look, letting consumers carry just an ID or replace a wallet entirely. CardNinja can easily store up to eight credit cards and cash on nearly any smartphone due to the its unique universal design. The product is also compatible with the vast majority of smartphone cases available today, including iPhone®, Android®, Blackberry® and Windows.

“The ability to leave your house holding just your phone combined with a CardNinja is liberating,” says Sunder Jambunathan, co-founder of CardNinja. “Consumers can buy their busy friends and family a product that’s not only convenient, but affordable as well. With our special holiday discount, shoppers won’t have a problem finding that perfect gift for under $20.”

“CardNinja users don’t have to worry about forgetting their cash or ID at home anymore” adds Kumar Jambunathan, designer and co-founder of CardNinja. “The product allows people to carry just the essentials on their smartphones when going to the gym, class, or out at night without a bulky wallet or large purse.”

The CardNinja attaches easily and securely holds valuables even if it is flipped over. The product is available in a variety of colors including ninja black, steel gray and eggplant purple at