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Free Say Cheese Camera App For Android

Well how about a free app today for Android users. Say Cheese is able to upload sets of pictures to post to Facebook quickly from your device. It can also make your pictures more artistic and fun, making them more interesting and unique.

Say you have captured winning moments from your child’s all-star game or a similar life event and are eager to flash the pictures to your family and friends on Facebook immediately. Bulk Upload is the painless solution and started by selecting the desired thumbnail photos in the Say Cheese picture gallery. With this camera’s built in sharing capability, quickly publishing albums of photos is standard fare using Facebook, Google+, Gmail or RainSlides, a free Facebook slide app. All of this is initiated right from the ‘Say Cheese’ camera app! Straightforwardly put, complicated picture uploads are a time waster and are frustrating slow. Bulk Upload is just one of the innovative time savers included in the ‘Say Cheese’ Camera app.

Say Cheese Camera, is free.

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