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Samsung Galaxy Player to be announced at CES

samsunggalaxyplayerSamsung is really making their presence felt in the Mobility World these days. First the Galaxy S Android device has been a huge success with all it’s carrier support and sales. Then the Galaxy Tab Android Tablet is a solid device and is a worth competitor with the iPad. Then, the most popular Windows Phone device released by AT&T. But wait, let’s also not forget the new Nexus S. It has been a great year for Samsung Mobility! So what is in store for Samsung in 2011? What new markets might they try to delve into? Really what’s left? The personal media player? Why not.

Samsung has just confirmed that it is not done with it’s full out assault on Apple and will release the Samsung Galaxy Player. Based right off their popular Galaxy range of products, the Galaxy Player will aim to take bite into the very Popular iPod Touch market. I have to admit, I just bought both my kids iPod Touch’s for Christmas and they are pretty strong devices with front facing cameras for Facetime and more apps than my daughter can discover quick enough. So how does the Galaxy Player plan to compete with the iPod Touch?

The Galaxy Player will come with 1GHz processor and a larger 4.0 WVGA LCD Screen for starters. Then fire off pictures with a (yawn) 3.2 megapixel camera and a VGA front facing camera. The Galaxy Player will also have a microSD card slot for extra storage while the device will come with 8gb, 16gb, or 32gb storage capacities. Add in some Android 2.2 Froyo goodness to make it all happen and it sound like the Player might just be a “Playa!”. (Okay, I know that was bad.)

Let’s look for the announcement at CES and watch how 2011 turns out for Samsung with a clear direction and list of accomplishments from 2010 to live up to.

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