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Free WinMo games by Floft Games

Every once in a while I enjoy writing about new games I like. Windows Mobile has quite a few addictive games such as Vexed (a-la-sokoban game), Skinz Sudoku, and my favorites: Shift and ZNAX.

Floft Games recently released a new free game called TouchTris so I thought it might be a good time to mention their site as well.

Floft Games develops a number games for Windows Mobile, most of them are currently for free:

  • Ballzor
  • Bubble Trouble
  • Bubble Trouble Demo
  • Bubbles
  • Helicopter
  • Pocket Run
  • Squares
  • Squares II
  • Touchtris

TouchTris is a simple tetris game but it is controlled by finger touch only.

Move your finger left to move a block left, move the finger right to move the block right, move the finger up to rotate the block and move the finger down to move the block down.

Download TouchTris







In thirteen levels of this fast arcade game, you must move red square from green cell across the whole map to another green cell and you must avoid white circles

Download PocketRun







Do you remember when you used to pop bubble wrap as a little child? It was fun. And guess what, it still is. You can go back to your childhood and release some stress.


Press small green square to refresh bubbles and red cross to close the application.





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