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Tilt 2 Official Upgrade Now Available!

ATT and HTC released an official upgrade ROM for the Tilt 2. If you are reading this post it is more than likely that you are already on a custom ROM that is probably much better than this “upgrade” ROM. However, here are some of the changes in the new ROM and here is the download link (scroll down till you see “HTC TILT 2 (AT&T) ROM UPDATE 2.10.502.4 | 08.30.2010“)

What’s included:

  • HTC Sense replaces TouchFlo 3D
  • Ability to Format the SD Card directly in the device
  • Inconsistent Caller ID function Hotfix
  • TILT 2 Freezes in SMS application Hotfix
  • Phantom SMS/MMS Count Hotfix
  • Overall improvement in the devices stability/operation

Remember to backup your phone before you install this upgrade.

[via wmexperts]

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