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TouchStudio 1.1 beta, create more useful apps for WP7 on WP7

Last month, Microsoft Research team released a beta app for WP7 called TouchStudio which is an app to code another app. As of now, no other mobile platform has got such app. This amazing app might not interest professional developers but students and hobbyists would surely find this interesting. It requires barely any programming knowledge to code a new app which can access your phones data, media, sensors and cloud services like social networks.

Now with version 1.1, TouchStudio allows the newborn programmers to access more of their phone sensors, new APIs. Right now, your creation can be enjoyed only on your phone. One of the features we would definitely love to see on future releases is the ability to share ones creation with other WP7 owners.

TouchStudio 1.1 Beta Release Note:

Hit me for downloading! Let us know, what you have created with TouchStudio.

Via: WPSauce