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Samsung Mobile Announces Upcoming Availability of 3G UbiCell™ Personal CDMA Base Station

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No. one mobile phone provider in the U.S.1, announced today the Samsung 3G Ubicell™ Personal CDMA Base Station, launching in 2010, will be the next product in the femtocell family. The 3G UbiCell, ideal for home or small office, is a small plug-and-play base station that works with users’ existing mobile phones to provide secure, in-home cellular service over existing public broadband networks. Samsung Mobiles 3G UbiCell benefits users by providing higher performance, lower cost coverage in a secure, easy to install solution for use at home. The 3G UbiCell will also allow carriers to provide a cost-effective solution to offload increasing 3G traffic from the Macro network, provide superior signal to address customer’s needs for in-home coverage, help retain customers with excellent performance for all family members, and provide for new services such as home phone and incentives through bundled pricing.

One Phone, One Provider at Lower Cost

A UbiCell will allow users to eliminate the need for a landline phone. With dependable in-home coverage, users will no longer have to pay for separate landline charges for basic features such as long distance, voice mail, caller ID and call waiting. A UbiCell will allow carriers to offer differentiated services typical to femtocells such as presence and home network, but a UbiCell also offers services such as home phone and multi-number ringing to provide an opportunity to increase revenue through additional MOUs and service plans.

“The 3G UbiCell enables our customers to quickly provide the complete home experience with guaranteed full wireless services plus the integrated home services to give a rich offering of converged services,” said Nivi Thadasina, Director of Product Development, Samsung Mobile.

Simple Installation

Continuing with the proven performance of the initial solution, the 3G UbiCell is easy to install and adapts to its environment with automatic configuration, plug-and-play and remote operation and maintenance. The system is ready to use out of the box without requiring any technical assistance. It simply requires the user to connect the 3G UbiCell to an available Ethernet port on their broadband internet router, plug-in to an AC power outlet and turn it on. After installation, the UbiCell registers with the Network to configure and begin service in a matter of minutes.

Quick time to market

Samsung Mobile has an established track record as a world leader in CDMA, WiMAX, LTE and consumer electronics technologies and offers a complete solution with end-user devices, wireless core and access infrastructure. Wireless carriers worldwide turn to Samsung Mobile to offer proven end-to-end wireless solutions. The 3G UbiCell continues that trend with a higher capacity, dual-band, and dual-mode device to address all CDMA carrier needs to be deployed on a proven, fully integrated network solution.


  • Easy to install Supports automatic configuration and plug-and-play, system is ready to use without requiring technical support or assistance. If necessary, the system will automatically download the latest software and configuration data.
  • Seamless handoff to Macro network Calls are seamlessly handed off to the Macro network.
  • Built-in GPS Highly Sensitive Indoor operation. Offers extremely accurate location information for E911 calls and location based services.
  • Increase Revenue Carriers can offer services differentiated from their competitors and increase revenue through additional MOUs.
  • Reduce Churn Perfect solution to address customer complaints on coverage which can help retain customers.
  • Increase Capacity Moving power users off the macro network will free-up capacity of the macro network without the expense of additional BTS and backhaul.
  • Adapt to RF environment Automatically selects an available CDMA channel, eliminates frequency planning and allows for quick deployment to the mass market. It will dynamically adjust its transmit power to virtually eliminate interference to other users on the macro network and with neighboring UbiCells.
  • Built-in Security Eliminate eavesdropping with built-in authentication and over-the-air encryption inherent to CDMA. IPSec based VPN connectivity to the Carriers network ensures confidentiality and authenticity.
  • Simplified operation & maintenance Samsung’s UbiCell Manager is used to monitor and manage all of the UbiCells, simplifying operation and maintenance activities.

What is CDMA Ubicell™

"CDMA Ubicell™, the unique and world’s first ultra-small CDMA base station, provides CDMA call coverage for areas that high capacity CDMA MACRO BTS cannot handle such as dead spots in homes and indoor environments as well as areas where radio waves are weak.
For end users, Samsung CDMA Ubicell™ provides service continuity by securing indoor coverage in homes and SOHOs. In addition, for telecommunication service providers, it enhances indoor call quality. Thus, service providers can lower their churning rate and secure their competitive advantage.
Samsung CDMA Ubicell™ is designed for easy installation, operation, and use, taking into account that typical users do not have deep knowledge of communications and equipment,.

DMA UbiCell™