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Xbox + Windows Phone FTW!!! Coming This Holiday!

Xbox LIVE will soon be the center of attention when it comes to all our home entertainment.  Today’s news that 40 leading global cable providers have signed on to make content available for Microsoft’s Xbox Live TV offering makes this holiday season one that Microsoft can expect to rake in the dough.  Xbox’s will be in very high demand and flying off shelves faster than diet pills after gorging on Thanksgiving turkey.

Twitter is set ablaze with people noticing the cool Windows Phone cameo in the video.  Microsoft first teased Windows Phone as an Xbox compatible remote control during E3 but now we get another appearance acting as a streaming video player to the Xbox.  This is a feature that should not be understated especially as Apple plays up Air Play feature among its devices.

The technology (DLNA) has been around for a while and if you own a reasonably current flat screen tv you might be shocked to know that you’re already compatible with DLNA. Just browsing into several comment sections on various mobile tech related sights and quite a few comments are about the lack of media streaming on Windows Phones.  Rest assured good sirs and ladies that DLNA is coming and be available on almost all new Windows Phones and a few 1st gen phones from LG and Samsung.  So here’s the kicker, as Apple brings to light media streaming Microsoft and their OEM partners can capitalize big time on all the attention.

DLNA vs AirPlay will be part 2 of this series.  Check back tomorrow for it.  In the mean time please leave a comment as to which camp you are in.

Video courtesy of Microsoft News

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