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Galaxy Factions Free for Android

This came out in October for iOS devices but now it’s come to Android and it’s free! Free is good, I like free, I think everybody likes free right? The basis of the game is that you get a space station and you have to turn it into a fortress by building defenses and gathering armies to conquer your rivals. Simple gameplay I guess, but sometimes the simplest games are the best… Info and screenshots below for you…



Coco and Faceroll Games today announced that their mobile space strategy game Galaxy Factions is now available for free on Android. Originally launched for iOS in October 2013, Galaxy Factions has already been downloaded more than 100,000 times, and will bring mobile strategy gaming to the final frontier of space combat via the Google Play store.
In Galaxy Factions, players take control of a small space station and develop it into a galactic fortress, building defensive emplacements and rallying armies to conquer their rivals. Whether navigating a single player campaign with hundreds of planets to conquer or connecting with friends to build and battle together, players have access to more than 12 unique unit types and 10 powerful hero leaders (including a boxing space panda). Galaxy Factions features high definition 3D graphics and a fully-controllable camera, giving players unique tactical command over their troops and defenses.
The Android version of the game will connect with the existing iOS player base, giving new commanders instant access to an active community of players for finding both friends and foes to challenge for inter-galactic dominance. Players with multiple devices can connect to the same account, giving them the freedom to continue conquering the galaxy anytime, anywhere.
To download Galaxy Factions for FREE on Google Play, please visit: