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GamesWithFriends available for WP7–It’s like Taptitude meets Wordament

You’re probably all familiar with Wordament – it’s the ‘Boggle’ type game you play against others in real time, all using the same board. And you must know Taptitude – it’s the collection of 60+ minigames that has crazy download stats. Well what if they met? GamesWithFriends is a series of minigames where you play against your friends, playing the exact same game/pattern in real time. And just like the others, it’s free. Well it’s also in Alpha as they stress test their servers and so far I’ve been kicked off the server a few times but that’s the point. Same thing happened when Wordament was spreading its wings.

Here’s the description:

**This is a Alpha version, designed to stress test our servers***

***Please help improve the game by posting on the forums at***

Games With Friends is like Wordament with some of your favorite Minigames! You all play the same minigame with the same exact pattern and at the end of the minigame you compare your scores against EVERYONE currently playing the game! If you liked Wordament you will LOVE this game! Currently there are 14 Minigames (we are planning on 50), with a mixture of original minigames and templates from popular games (Fruit Ninja, Brick Breaker, Memory Cards, ect…)

You can check it out here.

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