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A&E Releases Breakout Kings Game For Windows Phones

Just noticed that there’s a new game from A&E called Breakout Kings and it’s based on their new series (airing Sunday apparently). Yes it’s free because you see their ad when you start to play. Real simple game play. There are convicts and you are in a maze type board and you need to navigate the maze quicker than the convicts so you can catch them. It’s a clock race so you need to get as many of them before the clock does. I tried it out and even though it’s simple, it’s actually a pretty good race against the clock game once you get used to how the controls work (wait for the screen to stop scrolling before you start or else you’re just losing time). There’s also an online leaderboard and just looking for more details online, it looks like there’s an iOS version also. Anyway, it’s available now in the games category for free.