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Get Free Games for your Cat with the Cat iTonic App

Yeah you’re reading that right, I’m writing about free games for your cat! Earlier I posted about an app that helps men have a better relationship with women and now I’ve got one that helps you have a better relationship with your cat. It’s an app obviously and it’s for both Android and iOS devices and it let’s you play and even create games for your cat and you to play alone or together. I hope you’ve got a really good screen protector!!



Many cat owners just pet and forget. The result is that their cats are often bored and sleep most of the day. Now there’s an app to shake things up and give these drab relationships a new lease on life. It’s called Cat iTonic – Free Cat Games by CAT Game Apps LLC.

“We wanted to make it easy to catapult the cat-owner relationship forward” says Tim Wilson, principal at CAT Game Apps. “There’s a litter of low quality apps out there that are hard to use or ineffective. Cat iTonic changes all that.”

The app comes with videos and audios the things that cats love. There are videos of gold fish and wild birds flitting around a feeder and audios of tweeting birds, cats purring and more. Users choose a video and then choose an audio and play them together to create a visual game for their feline friend. Owners can also add videos or audios from their libraries to mix and match.

In addition, there’s an in-app purchase to buy several more videos like squirrels, rats and red laser lights on a black background.

“We’re empowering owners to give their cats a broad sensory experiences” says Wilson. “The audio is also available as MP3s. My favorites are Tasty Things With Wings and A Purr-fect Day that features a purring cat. The purring relaxes me as soon as I hear it. Even at work.”

The app is free and both the app and audio tracks are available from iTunes and the Amazon Android Market.