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Get Windows Phone 7.8 now

xdaInitial rumors of the WP 7.8 update had it on retail devices in December, then others in the first quarter of 2013.  Well, if you’ve been around a while (and if you’re reading us, you probably have), then you’ll not be surprised when I say that it looks like the folks at XDA couldn’t wait.

According to, getting it from WMPoweruser, 7.8 may start popping up this coming Wednesday, November 28th.  But if that doesn’t happen, and you’re willing to flash your device, you can head over to this post at Winsyde and see if your device is listed as cracked into, and go check out the directions. (Naturally, my Surround isn’t listed. But that’s another story that has a new beginning.)

I admit: it’s been over 2 years since I flashed a device (TouchPro – I was an EnergyROM addict) and I actually like not HAVING to, but I might miss (a little) WANTING to.