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I’m Loving Grooveshark On WP–Who Needs a Personal Cloud?

Grooveshark got some help with their HTML5 site and now it’s WP friendly. you can check it out by going to:  In fact, just hit it up on your PC browser if you want since it’s HTML5 it will look the same. The HTMl5 version is clearly aimed towards mobile use and it’s good but lacks some of the niceties of the full site (like controls to fast forward through a track). But it’s also ad free and plays on a windows phone under lockscreen. Grooveshark is my favorite of the streaming services because of it’s price (uhm free) and it’s got everything on it. In fact, there’s no need to upload personal songs to a private cloud with this since I can just search for an album and pull it up on Grooveshark. I like enough that I pinned it to my home screen.

Dev Jar via @benriga via WPCentral