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Get Your Focus To Update Now (At Your Own Risk and We’re Not Sure What You Get Yet)

Looks like Rafael Rivera (of the Chevron team) got a little anxious and decided to remove his carrier information from the registry and…got an update pushed to his Focus. Although if there was something AT&T specific in the update we’ll have to see how that plays out, if this is even a NoDo update.


How did he do it? Registry hack: remove: System\Platform\DeviceTargetingInfo\MobileOperator

This is sort of happening in real time so we’ll keep you posted on if this is NoDo or preNoDo or none or some of the above as he Tweets about it. Gotta applaud him for trying this though.

UPDATE: He only got a pre-NoDo update and he tried to remove the carrier info a second time and didn’t get NoDo. He stated “Okay, bad news. NoDo not being received by my Focus. Microsoft Update server is likely blocking all Samsung devices.”